Brighton – Arsenal

Brighton & Hove Albion hosts Arsenal in a match from the 29th round of the English Premier League.

Brighton are currently 12th in the Premier League standings with 31 points won. They have a record of 7 wins, 10 draws and 11 defeats. In their last five matches Brighton & Hove won twice, made two draws and lost just once – against Chelsea with 0-4 at home.

In their last game Brighton & Hove Albion enjoyed a 4-1 win at home against Swansea City, proving that they are a pretty dangerous team at home.

Arsenal are entering this match after two consecutive defeats against Manchester City – once in the Carabao Cup final and once in the Premier League. During the week Arsene Wenger’s team was crushed with 0-3 by Pep Guardiola’s side at the Emirates Stadium in London. Once again Arsenal’s performance was a pure dissapointment for the fans. Many of them want the manager Arsene Wenger to resign at the minute.

Right now Arsenal are 6th in the Premier League with 45 points. The Gunners are currently on 10 points behind the 4th Tottenham, so for them it’s already almost impossible to qualify for the Champions League. Their only realistic goal for this remains eventually winning Europa League.

In their last five games Arsenal won twice and suffered three defeats – against Swansea, Tottenham and Manchester City. Obviously the club have some serious problems at the moment and most of the fans are impatient to see Arsene Wenger leaving the Emirates. But when will this happen? Nobody can answer just yet.

It won’t be easy for Arsenal in Brighton. The home team is a serious opponent when playing at home and most surely they’d want to perform good against one of the famous English clubs. What can Arsenal do? We shall see.