The English Football Association is still contemplating how the current season of the Premier League could end amid the COVID-19 crisis

The English Football Association is still contemplating how the current season of the Premier League could end amid the COVID-19 crisis.

How you already know, action has stopped in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. Except for the country of Belarus, football has stopped all across Europe. The most worrying thing is that right now, nobody really knows when we could watch football again.

In the current Premier League standings, Liverpool is enjoying a substantial 25 points advantage in front of the champion Manchester City. Many pundits in England think that the FA should just handle the title to the Reds and call off the rest of the season. More or less, it’s pretty clear that Liverpool is untouchable at the top of the league. Nobody is going to be mad if they are declared champions.

What’s the problem then? Well, just as always – it’s money.

The Premier League is losing a lot of money because of action being stopped. The FA is undoubtedly thinking about how to minimize these damages, although they can’t really do much in this crisis. According to some numbers, the Premier League is about to lose more than 760 million pounds because of what happened.

Now among the FA staff there’s some crazy idea – the league to be finished in China – the country in which the whole COVID-19 pandemic started. It’s believed that China is doing much better now, and they are beginning to handle the situation. Meanwhile, the British authorities could use the Premier League clubs’ base and stadiums for emergency situations.

According to some other ideas, Qatar is another country that could host the remaining games of the Premier League. Qatar is the country that will host the World Cup in 2022. Because of this, the state already built some solid base for football at the highest level.

It’s just rumors, of course. There’s also a third different idea – the remaining matches of the Premier League to be played in two separate regions of England. So far, this idea is not getting a lot of support as most of the people do not think it’s actually possible to happen.

On Friday all of the 20 clubs in the Premier League will discuss the situation during a video conference call, so they would give their opinions about what must happen. To be honest with you, we won’t get surprised if they just handle the title to Liverpool. In one European country, they already did it – Club Brugge was announced as the new champion of Belgium.

The most unfair thing would be if Liverpool is denied the title after doing such a brilliant campaign so far. The Reds are about to win their first domestic title since 1990, and all of the fans can’t wait to see the trophy in the club’s cabinet. It remains to be seen what kind of decision the English FA is about to take. The coronavirus pandemic is a severe problem right now, so maybe it’d be for the best if they put an end to this season after all.